Keptin Jr. Cuddle Pants Cozy - An organic cloth teething toy

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Cozy The Cozy Collection have no pre-shaped facial expression.  Whether a baby smiles, sings or cries, Cozy dolls are always their best friend.  Toddlers and preschoolers will find it hard to say goodbye to their Cozy toy.  All soft toys in Keptin Jr’s Cozy collection are made of pure organic cotton which gives them a soft feel. They are filled with sheep’s wool, which easily matches the baby’s body-temperature.

One of our favorite toys for baby.  The head and body are filled with pure wool.  This is important because baby will be chewing on it and holding it tight, so you want to make sure the cotton is extra clean.  Another great feature of these dolls are their knots.   Babies love knots.  This is another part of the doll which babies will teethe on, chew, and grasp. Inside the head is a soft rattle which can entertain, but won't distract at bed-time or awaken baby if the doll should shift in the night.  The Cozy collection dolls have a beautiful pure quality to add to its features, natural cotton colors that have not been bleached or dyed- pure cotton in its natural unaltered state.

6”/ 15cm.


Made from:
  • 100% organic cotton terrycloth
  • reactive chemical dyes
  • pure wool ( stuffing for head )
Made In: Lithuania

Steph's tip: Dip the knotted parts in a cup of ice cold water to bring fast relief to baby's sore gum from teething. I always brought this toy along when i took my baby on a stroll or for a car ride, when i needed to dip the knotted parts into water i just squeezed some out of my water bottle- so convenient and an easy way to pacify a fussy baby. A great  gift to add to a baby gift basket.

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