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With the Dream stand say goodbye to portacots. The Dream packs away easily in our custom made travel bag (sold separately), meaning whether it's a trip out of town or a night at grandma's the Dream Hammock comes too.  And with its natural soothing motion, it means sleep for baby giving the entire family the rest they need.


If modern and sleek brings a twinkle to your eye than our brushed aluminum Dream stand is what you and your sweet baby need. Best is, at 11 pounds it's lightweight and assembly is faster than you can say good night.  The hammock fits perfectly within the moon-like crescent shape of the stand

  • Carton Dimensions: 34” x 20” x 10” (ships in 2 cartons)

    Assembled Dimensions: 43”L x 60”H x 42”W

    ? Assembled weight: 20 Pounds



  • Hushamok babies fall asleep fast and stay asleep longer.  Our hammock cradles baby from the sides and nerve strain not only by maintaining the natural primary curve of the spine but also giving baby the feeling of being back in the womb.
    ? Dream Stand, Hammock, 2 organic cotton sheets, 1 mattress, 4 point leaf spring unique to our hammock (it’s the motion in Hushamok)
    ? Designed for newborn sleep
    ? The Dream stand is finished with a Brushed finish and nothing else. No powder coating. And we're sure you'll love that aluminum doesn't rust, which means our Dream stand can be used indoors and out.

    Did We Mention It's Organic & Sustainable?
    ? All natural, 100% organic cotton, no flame retardants used, ever.
    ? The aluminum stand get top marks for durability, recyclability and sustainability. 


      • ? Hammock must be used with a Hushamok stand.
        ? US & EU Safety Certified
        ? The stand has been tested to hold some serious weight but be sensible use only with authorized Hushamok products.
        ? Stop using when baby begins to roll over or has reached maximum a weight of 22 pounds.

        Hammock is machine washable.
        ? Dream stand can stay looking like a piece of Modern Art with a quick wipe down with a damp cloth.

        • Why should my baby sleep in a Hushamok Hammock don't I need a crib? 

          In the beginning you don't need a crib, in fact one of the worlds most respected authorities on infants, Dr. William Sears (M.D) recommends the use of a baby hammock as the natural swinging, rocking and bouncing motion induces sleep and keeps babies asleep longer. Unlike adults, babies are triggered to sleep by motion; haven't you noticed how your baby during pregnancy sleeps while you're active and then loves to kick you in the ribs when you're lying down at night.

          The difference between a baby hammock and other nursery furniture, including cribs or a baby bassinet, is the way the baby is supported. Before a baby is born, they are cozy and squished in the womb where they experience a lot of movement. Once born, sleep in flat and static surfaces such as cribs and baby bassinets can be challenging for babies since they are accustomed to a warm womb-like environment. Hushamok's baby hammock has been designed to mimic this womb-like environment for newborn sleep. Our innovative leafspring is unique to Hushamok and provides a gentle rhythmic rocking motion that helps newborn babies sleep better and longer.

          Are Hushamok Baby Hammocks Safe? 

          We believe they're even safer than cribs. A study on carbon dioxide rebreathing in infants from the University of Otago in New Zealand shows that baby hammocks have virtually no carbon dioxide build up which is what it believed to be one of the causes in SIDS. Because of the natural motion of the hammock, carbon dioxide does not become trapped around the baby, which when re-breathed is said to cause the deadly acidosis. The 100% organic cotton contributes to a healthy sleeping environment for newborn sleep. For optimum results we recommends baby is swaddled while in the hammock. Hushamok use is in line with the recommendations in the prevention of SIDS that babies should ALWAYS be placed on their backs.

          I'm concerned about exposure to toxins, is the Hushamok treated flame retardant chemicals?

          The Hushamok baby hammock has not been treated with any fire retardant chemicals. Our mattress cover is made from cotton. The natural cotton is un-dyed providing the most natural eco-friendly sleep for your baby.

          Can my baby move in the hammock?

          Hushamok baby hammocks offer a natural soothing motion, it is an undulating movement that gently rocks babies to sleep. This movement helps babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer . Hushamok does not recommend using any pillows, wedges or positioners in the baby hammock as these may pose a suffocation risk to baby. Hushamok recommends swaddling, and if that doesn't agree with your baby that's not a problem. Our four-point leafspring means that the hammock cannot tilt so you and your baby can explore to find the perfect sleep spot.

          Can the Hushamok Baby Hammock be used in the day and night?

          Yes, our baby hammock is designed for both day and night sleeps. The more a baby uses the hammock, the more they learn to self-soothe and go to sleep unaided.



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