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Our NAOMI certified Harmony Pure-Rest natural rubber mattress has a 7" pure chemical-free natural rubber core surrounded by an organic cotton fabric layer, with organically processed wool (certified by Oregon Tilth) from organically raised sheep quilted to on deluxe European organic cotton fabric which ensures the wool will not migrate out over the years.  This organic cotton and wool  combination acts to cushion the body and prevents the formation of painful pressure points.  Wool is naturally flame retardant, and allows your body to breathe freely while regulating body temperature for an undisturbed and rejuvenating sleep.  In addition the natural lanolin in wool  protects your mattress from sweat, dust mites, and nasty bed bugs.

Quilting prevents shifting and provides a sturdy durable, and comfortable sleeping surface.  The extra amount of wool make the top more comfortable. These mattresses easily conform to your body’s shape and minimizes pressure on your joints and back.  Highly recommended by chiropractors for back support without the uneven support that all innerspring mattresses have.  This mattress is the firmest feeling of our mattress lines. A topper or pad may be added  for more softness.  The Harmony mattress has a 35 ILD, which means it is a firm adult mattress by industry standards.

What makes our mattress so special! 
Our Natural Latex Green Rubber is the ONLY tested toxic chemical-free rubber that has absolutely NO Benzene and NO Toluene. Tested to .001 ppm. The competition has these volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) in their mattresses.  Often this information is hidden somewhere on their site.  To make sure a company does not have benzene or toluene, ask that they provide in writing that they have tested for this substance and it tests clean at .001 ppm.  Natural rubber is a renewable resource that is excellent for the environment.  Only the finest Grade A natural rubber  from  the plantations in Sri Lanka  are used for our mattresses.  There is no Talalay,  a synthetic rubber or other fillers used to manufacture this natural product. There is also No herbicides, pesticides, or chemicals ever used in the cultivation of this tree.  The natural rubber used for our mattresses are even tested  to make sure it has NO  fillers, no toluene like the Indian rubber, and no ash.  Our natural rubber contains 98% rubber with zinc, sodium, and organic vegetable fatty acid soaps used.  It is manufactured from the sap of  the Hevea Brasiliensis tree commonly known as a Rubber tree, which grows on plantations in Southeast Asia. This unique ingredient produces the highest quality natural rubber.  Combined with the latest vulcanization technology, the resulting product is extremely durable and is characterized by a high degree of conformity to shape without losing its original density. 
For extra softness, a 2" natural latex topper or 3" wool-filled organic cotton topper may be added. The addition of a topper will not affect support, it only adds to your comfort.

Different degrees  of firmness are available.  
  • Firm: 25 ILD, a good choice for a child
  • Extra Firm 31 ILD: a good choice for a light adult
  • Super Firm 36/38 ILD: for those who prefer a very firm feel or weigh over 300 lb.
The recommended foundation is a slat system with no more than 2" between slats.  If you don't have a slatted bed, use a Bunkie Board with your rubber mattress.

What is the NAOMI ( National Association of Organic Mattress Industry) Standard?
  • Must be free of synthetic fabrics
  • No fabrics may be treated with any chemicals suspected of being toxic, even at low levels
  • All wool must be from sheep raised according to organic standards
  • Wool must be processed according to organic standards and be free of Polyester fibers. This requires that the wool is processed at a facility that does not process polyester
  • Any wool used must be tested for excessive arsenic or ANY lead
  • All inner, hidden fabrics and fibers, must be certified according to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards)
  • All cotton batting used must be certified organic and processed according to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards). Many facilities add chemicals to organic cotton batting such as boric acid, or silica
  • Any other natural fibers used must be certified organic (cotton, silk), or thoroughly tested.
  • Fibers used must also be processed according to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards), no chemical processing allowed
  • Any rubber used must be tested free of benzene, toluene, pthalates, SBR, petroleum additives, formaldehyde, arsenic, lead at under .001 ppm
  • Any glue used must be free of formaldehyde, phenolated compounds and must be disclosed
The only exceptions are: thread, metal springs, rubber as these have no certifications in the works anywhere in the world. These standards were developed after it was discovered that many manufacturers were not disclosing all ingredients used.  They use Greenguard or Oeko Tex as their standard and these are not pure standards in the eyes of a consumer who desires a mattress that is free of toxic or unproven chemicals.

Secrets of the organic manufacturing industry:

  • In order to be certified organic, the item must be 95% organic, the other 5% can be chemical or other fibers.
  • Most companies do not test their raw materials for any toxins.
  • Many manufacturers believe that Oeko Tex is an organic standard. They use this as proof that their mattresses are chemical free. This is not correct.
  • Talalay does contain petroleum and artificial  vanillin. This contains dimethyl sulfate and is considered toxic
Pure Rest Mattresses have:
  • No artificial scents (these are used to cover up the natural odors and are petrochemical-like artificial vanillan used in most natural Talalay)
  • No Formaldehyde
  • No Phenols
  • No Phthalates
  • No Toluene
  • No Benzene, No Benzothiazone (present in others mattresses)
  • No silica containing dimethyl sulfate
  • No artificial vanillin containing petroleum
  • No Flamebreaker containing silica (dimethyl sulfate)
  • No Pesticides
  • No PBDE's
  • No Boric Acid
  • No chemical Flame Retardants
  • No Polyethylene
  • No Polyurethane
  • Retention of shape and firmness (for even support)
  • flexibility combined with stability (for continuous sleep comfort)
  • excellent heat and moisture regulation
  • superior air circulation (for preventing the growth of molds and mildew)
  • Warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Extremely durable, flexible and resilient
  • Resistant to moisture build-up
  • Naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic
  • Mold and dust mite free ( Hevea milk contains an antibacterial substance that is a natural dust-mite repellent )
  • Superior durability and elasticity (for mattress longevity)
Made from:
  • Natural Rubber Ingredients - 90-95% Natural Latex with 2-3% Zinc Oxide, 1-2% Vegetable Fatty Acid Soap, 1-2% Sulfur and 1-2% Sodium needed for manufacturing
  • 100% organic cotton & wool for batting
  • 100% organic cotton outer fabric
Care: spot clean, we recommend to use a cotton mattress pad and a wool pad to protect your mattress

Safety:  Our mattresses all exceed the highest California flame retardancy standards set into place in January 2005

Warranty: 10-year manufacturer's warranty

Made in: USA ( hand made )

Product Code: HARJ651

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