Anni Collection, 11402

$         2,290.00          

Product Information

Made in: India

Construction: Hand Woven ( Hand woven area rugs are made on a cottage loom that is operated by hand. The warps are set on the loom frame and the weft is physically woven over the warp using shuttles.  It is further enhanced by utilizing handlooms, which have limitations, but are quite faster)

Feet Friendly Fiber: new Zealand Wool ( Provides a luxurious feel, soft and thick, strong, resilient and static-resistant- perfect for high traffic areas- may shed when new)

Traffic Meter: 4 ( A rug's meter rating is based on the amount of foot traffic it was designed to handle- 5 being the most durable, and 1 being the most fragile)

Product Code: ANNU810

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