Amber Teething Necklace 11" Multi Colored baltic Amber & beaked hazelwood

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Made with high quality Baltic amber, these necklaces are made of apx. 1/3 amber and 2/3 beaked hazel.  While the mix of amber and beaked hazel is a delightful combination, the necklace does not promise to deliver the full therapeutic value of amber when it has so few amber beads versus an exclusively Baltic Amber necklace.
Wood from the beaked hazel tree has the medicinal property of neutralizing the body's acidity, and helps the body create and maintain an alkaline balance. It is an ancient remedy first used by aboriginal people, and is effective for people of all ages.

Our necklaces are made from the branches of a beaked hazel tree and untreated Baltic Amber. No chemicals of any kind (pesticides, fertilizers, etc.) are used to grow the trees these necklaces are made from. The necklaces are handmade - from the gathering of the wood to the stringing of the beads.  Don't be alarmed if/when the bark comes off; the wood beads will change over time.


Beaked hazel can relieve acid-related ailments such as acid reflux, ulcers, heartburn, and other acid-related ailments. Our necklaces are a great remedy to take the edge off of heartburn and morning sickness during pregnancy.

Beaked hazel also helps relieve skin problems such as (psoriasis, eczema, acne, and diaper rash) constipation, headaches, migraines, canker sores, and the occurrence of dental cavities when these ailments are related to excessive acid in the body (and sometimes they are not).

Historically beaked hazel has also been used as a teething remedy, but our customers experience tells us that generally Baltic Amber provides greater relief for teething discomfort than beaked hazel.

Overall, it is very important to our physical well-being to maintain a slightly alkaline balance in the body. This can be difficult for many to achieve as the diet in our culture tends to be too high in sugars and sugar substitutes, white flour, processed foods, and animal protein, and too low in fruits and vegetables. When the body becomes more acidic than alkaline the medical condition of acidosis develops. Acidosis weakens many of the body's systems that help keep it healthy and disease free.

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